Aniello Napolitano

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Recently, the positioning techniques based on the IEEE 802.11 signal strength are becoming the dominant solutions in the mobile device localization within indoor scenarios. Such solutions are characterized by two main pitfalls that compromise their effective usage in real application environments. First, during the calibration, a large amount of manual(More)
The performance of wireless local area networks supporting video streaming applications, based on MPEG-2 video codec, in the presence of interference is here dealt with. IEEE 802.11g standard wireless networks, that do not support QoS in according with IEEE 802.11e standard, are, in particular, accounted for and Bluetooth signals, additive white Gaussian(More)
The Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain is moving from fragmented systems towards a single sky. SWIM is the world recognized technological programme aiming to support in- formation sharing and data exchange in the next generation ATM systems. A prototype of the SWIM architecture has been realized in the framework of the SWIM-SUIT project, which is the focus(More)
The next generation of critical systems requires an efficient, scalable and robust data dissemination infrastructure. Middleware solutions compliant with the novel OMG standard, called Data Distribution Service (DDS), are being traditionally used for architecting large-scale systems, because they well meet the requirements of scalability, seamless(More)