Aniello Buonanno

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Two sub-optimal decision fusion algorithms are presented in the context of distributed classification of multiple moving targets, as a low complexity alternative to the optimal decision fusion. At the fusion center, all the the binary decisions coming from a wireless sensor network (WSN) designed for single target classification are exploited for a multiple(More)
The problem of localizing small scatterers is dealt with. In particular, the Time-Reversal MUSIC and the linear distributional approach are compared from the stability against the noise point of view. The study is conducted for a two-dimensional and scalar geometry and for the case of perfect electric conducting scatterers.
The problem of imaging three dimensional perfect electric conducting objects from scattered field measurements is addressed. A Multifre-quency/single view configuration in far-field zone is considered. The Physical Optics (PO) approximation is adopted to simplify the scattering model and the scatterers' shapes (i.e. their contour surfaces) are described as(More)
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