Aniela Wochner

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A critical event in the origin of life is thought to have been the emergence of an RNA molecule capable of replicating a primordial RNA "genome." Here we describe the evolution and engineering of an RNA polymerase ribozyme capable of synthesizing RNAs of up to 95 nucleotides in length. To overcome its sequence dependence, we recombined traits evolved(More)
Mechanisms of molecular self-replication have the potential to shed light on the origins of life. In particular, self-replication through RNA-catalysed templated RNA synthesis is thought to have supported a primordial 'RNA world'. However, existing polymerase ribozymes lack the capacity to synthesize RNAs approaching their own size. Here, we report the in(More)
We have determined diversities exceeding 10(12) different sequences in an annealing and melting assay using synthetic randomized oligonucleotides as a standard. For such high diversities, the annealing kinetics differ from those observed for low diversities, favouring the remelting curve after annealing as the best indicator of complexity. Direct(More)
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