Aniela Brodzikowska

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New data concerning the function of osteocytes as the central regulators of bone homeostasis are briefly outlined. It is established that osteocytes are the main target cells for parathormone. They are a rich source of sclerostin, the main inhibitor of osteoblast activity, and of the RANKL cytokine, the most important regulator of osteoclastogenesis. Under(More)
HCl-demineralized murine lower incisors were implanted intramuscularly into syngeneic BALB/c mice to induce heterotopic osteogenesis. Implants were exposed at the early, preosteogenic stage (4), or at the later, osteogenic stage (12) to the Moloney sarcoma virus (MSV), which within 3-4 days results in a sarcoma. The yield of bone induction was determined by(More)
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