Aniek Schmidt

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Clinical research is on the threshold of a new era in which electronic health records (EHRs) are gaining an important novel supporting role. Whilst EHRs used for routine clinical care have some limitations at present, as discussed in this review, new improved systems and emerging research infrastructures are being developed to ensure that EHRs can be used(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify substandard care factors in the management of obstetric hemorrhage at district hospital level in rural Malawi. DESIGN Retrospective hospital-based cohort study. SETTING Thyolo District Hospital. POPULATION Women who delivered at this facility in 2005. METHODS All cases of obstetric hemorrhage were included according to the(More)
Unrelated donor registries use a variety of strategies for human leukocyte antigen typing newly recruited volunteers and for prospective typing and file maintenance projects. The approaches change over time with respect to the level of resolution and loci tested based on costs, advances in technologies and emerging clinical outcome data from matching(More)
PCN94 Cost-EffECtivENEss of ColoNiC stENts for thE MaNagEMENt of MaligNaNt largE BowEl oBstruCtioN Goodall S.1, Church J.2 1University of Technology, Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 2University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia objectives: The aim was to determine the cost-effectiveness of colonic stent insertion for the management of malignant bowel(More)
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