Anichavezhi Devendran

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CYP2C19 is a polymorphic enzyme which metabolizes several clinically important drugs including proguanil. Variation in the 5' regulatory region may influence CYP2C19 activity. This study evaluates the relationship between proguanil metabolic ratio and genetic variations of CYP2C19 in a South Indian population. Fifty unrelated healthy subjects were genotyped(More)
CYP2C19 is expressed polymorphically with about 21 variant alleles. Genotype-phenotype association studies of CYP2C19 have shown marked deviations, suggesting the presence of other variations in the intronic and 5' regulatory region affecting its expression. This study aims to identify the genetic polymorphisms and construction of haplotypes of variations(More)
CYP2C19 is a polymorphic enzyme involved in the metabolism of clinically important drugs. Genotype-phenotype association studies of CYP2C19 have reported wide ranges in the metabolic ratios of its substrates. These discrepancies could be attributed to the variations in the promoter region and this aspect has been reported recently. The observations in the(More)
CYP2C19 is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of several clinically important drugs. The variations in the CYP2C19 promoter region may alter the transcription of the gene by altering the interaction between the trans and cis-acting elements. In the present study, CYP2C19 promoter region with different variant alleles were cloned into a pGL-3 basic(More)
BACKGROUND Variants in the candidate genes eNOS, CYP11B2 and ACE have been implicated as liable biomarkers that can predict complications like hypertension and preeclampsia. Studies on the impact and distribution of these variants on healthy pregnancy have not been done so far in south Indian or in any of the native Indian population. Examining these(More)
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