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beta2-glycoprotein I is a phospholipid-binding protein of 326 amino acids and is found in plasma at a concentration of approximately 200 microg/ml. It has a sequence of positively charged amino acids located at the carboxy terminus that mediates anionic phospholipid binding. Two polymorphisms (306Cys-->Gly and 316Trp-->Ser) located at the(More)
DDX3 is a DEAD box RNA helicase with oncogenic properties. RK-33 is developed as a small-molecule inhibitor of DDX3 and showed potent radiosensitizing activity in preclinical tumor models. This study aimed to assess DDX3 as a target in breast cancer and to elucidate how RK-33 exerts its anti-neoplastic effects. High DDX3 expression was present in 35% of(More)
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