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Model checking techniques have been applied widely for verifying hardware designs and protocols since they can check if the system operates as desired or not without actually running the system. Recently, the usage of model checking for software verification has also been increasingly considered. One notable advantage of the model checking approach is the(More)
Programming skill is crucial for all Computer Science students which can only be mastered through intensive exercise practice. Apart from traditional face-to-face manner of teaching programming, with the recent advancement of Internet and advanced program verification techinques, Web-based tutoring systems that can play the role of teacher are increasingly(More)
This paper presents an automatic, real-time approach which is capable of creating expressive speech using a set of mathematical models. This approach allows showing emotions in synthetic animated speech in both audio and video. We collect the facial muscle movement data through a tracking system with a high-speed camera, and use that data to create(More)
Robust, high-performance and low-power match-line sense amplifier designs are urgently required to catch up with the new requirements of large-scale CAMs in nano-scale CMOS technologies. In this paper we evaluate the performance of four state-of-the-art match-line sense amplifier designs in terms of power, delay and robustness against temperature, supply(More)
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