Angustias Márquez-Lema

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The success of the first meiotic division relies (among other factors) on the formation of bivalents between homologous chromosomes, the monopolar orientation of the sister kinetochores at metaphase I and the maintenance of centromeric cohesion until the onset of anaphase II. The meiotic cohesin subunit, Rec8 has been reported to be one of the key players(More)
No information is available on the transferability and amplification quality of microsatellite (SSR) markers of the public domain inBrassica carinata A. Braun. The objective of the presented research was to study the amplification of a set of 73 SSRs fromB. nigra (L.) Koch andB. napus L. inB. carinata, and to compare the results with those obtained in the(More)
The presence of high levels of sinigrin in the seeds represents a serious constraint for the commercial utilisation of Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun) meal. The objective of this research was the introgression of genes for low glucosinolate content from B. juncea into B. carinata. BC1F1 seed from crosses between double zero B. juncea line(More)
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