Angus Jeang

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Determination of appropriate nursing staff levels to provide quality service and maintain economic efficiency is a difficult problem for health care administrators to solve. The objective of this paper then is to prevent a mathematical model for determining the number of staff among full time and part time staff as well as overtime when patient demands are(More)
The objective of this paper is to present a mathematical model for flexible staff planning when patient demands are uncertain and adjustable. The demand level before adjustment is considered a distribution on a daily basis. The adjustment is done by increasing or decreasing the average and the standard deviation of the daily demand level, with the(More)
Determining sufficient staff levels and providing quality, economical and efficient service is a problem that is difficult for some staffing managers to solve. The objectives in this paper are to derive a stochastic model for determining the necessary staff levels in various service environments such as hospitals, banks, or in manufacturing settings where(More)
Under the constraints of limited medical resources and severe competition among hospitals, administrators have begun to pay attention to the opportunities of cost reduction and quality improvement in hospital management, in order to find methods to increase hospital revenue and improve service quality. The operating room should be one of the most important(More)