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A combination of techniques has been used to examine the composition of smoke generated by landing aircraft. A sample of dust from the undercarriage from several commercial airliners was examined with SEM/EDX (Scanning Electron Microscope/Energy Dispersive X-ray) to determine its elemental composition and also with an aerosizer/aerodisperser in order to(More)
It is now held that in conditions where there is conflicting sensory information vision dominates touch. The present study was designed to place boundary conditions on the generality of the hypothesis by comparing the performance of tactually experienced subjects - potters - with university students on a form-perception task in which a square was optically(More)
Management and control of systems are becoming more and more automated and based on policies that are expressed in a suitable policy specification language. Such policies need to be validated to ensure correct operation of the managed or controlled systems. The set of policies in a system is dynamic and is constantly changing. When this set is very large,(More)
OBJECTIVES Short fibres of amosite asbestos (SFA), obtained by ball milling of long fibres (LFA), have been shown to be less pathogenic than long fibres. Accumulating evidence suggests an important role for differences in surface chemistry between fibres. Iron has been implicated in the pathogenesis of asbestos fibres. In this study infrared (IR)(More)
Laboratory experiments showed that the surface tissues of beef and mutton samples were not permanently discoloured to an objectionable extent by treatment with water at 80° C or 10 sec. This treatment destroyed more than 99% of the numbers of E. coli and salmonellae inoculated on the beef samples and more than 99·9% of the same organisms inoculated on the(More)
We have studied the urinary excretion of free and acetylated polyamines in hepatoma-bearing Buffalo rats during the period of linear growth of the tumor mass. The excretion of noncon-jugated polyamines was unchanged. A/1-Acetylspermidine ex cretion did not parallel the linear increase in tumor mass but increased exponentially. Enhancement of(More)
The exhaust jet from a departing commercial aircraft will eventually rise buoyantly away from the ground; given the high thrust/power (i.e., momentum/buoyancy) ratio of modern aero-engines, however, this is a slow process, perhaps requiring ∼ 1 min or more. Supported by theoretical and wind tunnel modeling, we have experimented with an array of aerodynamic(More)
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