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Context aware ubiquitous access is an interactive model between the context of learners and the content in ubiquitous learning environments. We envision that providing context aware learning content is the first step toward ubiquitous learning by finding right collaborative learners, right learning content and right learning services in the right place at(More)
This paper presents our design and development of a context-driven content adaptation planner, which dynamically transforms requested Web content into a proper format conforming to receiving contexts (e.g., access condition, network connection, and receiving device). Aiming to establish a semantic foundation for content adaptation, we apply description(More)
Situational language teaching (SLT) is an effective instruction paradigm for English teaching in terms of providing vocabularies and sentence patterns with their frequent situations through learning materials. With the growth of educational technology, we need powerful and suitable techniques to embody SLT's features in ubiquitous learning (u-learning) and(More)
As technology brings more and more portable devices into common use, applications must be available to sustain this trend. While the features and performance of these portable devices are fast advancing, they are still quite limited when compared to a desktop computer. To be successful, applications should take advantage of these devices' portability and(More)