Angus Clark

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Ubiquitous computing technologies which are cheap and easy to use are more likely to be adopted by users beyond the ubiquitous computing community. We present an ultrasonic-only tracking system that is cheap to build, self-calibrating and self-orientating, and has a convenient form factor. The system tracks low-power tags in three dimensions. The tags are(More)
We present a system that uses wireless telemetry to enhance the experience of fairground and theme park amusement rides. Our system employs wearable technologies to capture video, audio, heart-rate and acceleration data from riders, which are then streamed live to large public displays and are also recorded. This system has been embedded into a theatrical(More)
Parent reports of temperament are used to study many important topics in child development, such as whether boys and girls differ in their levels of emotional reactivity and self-regulation. However, questions regarding measurement equivalence in parental reports of temperament are largely unexplored, despite the fact that this issue is critical for drawing(More)
Previous studies suggest that temperamental dispositions are associated with substance use. However, most research supporting this association has relied on European American samples (Stautz & Cooper, 2013). We addressed this gap by evaluating the prospective relations between 5th grade temperament and 9th grade substance use in a longitudinal sample of(More)
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