Angus A. Rockett

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We describe a theoretical analysis of the structures of self-organizing nanoparticles formed by Pt and Ru-Pt on carbon support. The calculations provide insights into the nature of these metal particle systems-ones of current interest for use as the electrocatalytic materials of direct oxidation fuel cells-and clarify complex behaviors noted in earlier(More)
The steady-state photoelectrochemical responses of p-GaP photoelectrodes immersed in aqueous electrolytes and sensitized separately by six triphenylmethane dyes (rose bengal, rhodamine B, crystal violet, ethyl violet, fast green fcf, and brilliant green) have been analyzed. Impedance measurements indicated that these p-GaP(100) photoelectrodes operated(More)
The high natural abundance of silicon, together with its excellent reliability and good efficiency in solar cells, suggest its continued use in production of solar energy, on massive scales, for the foreseeable future. Although organics, nanocrystals, nanowires and other new materials hold significant promise, many opportunities continue to exist for(More)
COVER ARTICLE John Rogers et al Compact monocrystalline silicon solar modules with high voltage outputs and mechanically flexible designs REVIEW David King et al Biofuels and synthetic fuels in the US and China: A review of Well-to-Wheel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions with the impact of land-use change
Dr. P. K. Mohseni, Dr. A. Behnam, Dr. J. D. Wood, X. Zhao, N. C. Wang, Prof. J. W. Lyding, Prof. E. Pop, Prof. X. Li Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana , Illinois 61801 , USA E-mail: K. J. Yu, Prof. A. Rockett, Prof. J. A. Rogers Department of Materials Science and(More)
The diffusion of indium and gallium in polycrystalline thin film Cu(In,Ga)Se2 layers has been investigated. Bilayer structures of CuInSe2 on top of CuGaSe2 and vice versa have been fabricated in both a Cu-rich and Cu-poor process (in relation to the ideal stoichiometry). In each process molybdenum coated soda-lime glass with and without a sodium barrier was(More)
There is growing evidence that domain walls in ferroics can possess emergent properties that are absent in the bulk. For example, 180° ferroelectric domain walls in the ferroelectric-antiferromagnetic BiFeO3 are particularly interesting because they have been predicted to possess a range of intriguing behaviors, including electronic conduction and enhanced(More)
Defects in the band gap of CuIn12xGaxSe2 have been characterized using transient photocapacitance spectroscopy. The measured spectra clearly show response from a band of defects centered around 0.8 eV from the valence band edge as well as an exponential distribution of band tail states. Despite Ga contents ranging from Ga/(In1Ga)50.0 to 0.8, the defect(More)