Angsuman Roy

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Radiologic assessment of cochlear implants can be limited because of metallic streak artifacts and the high attenuation of the temporal bones. We report on 14 patients with 18 cochlear implants (17 Med-El standard 31.5-mm arrays, 1 Med-El medium 24-mm array) who underwent flat panel CT with the use of high-resolution secondary reconstruction techniques.(More)
—A passive 2 nd-order sigma-delta modulator based on a cascade of first-order lowpass filters was designed, fabricated, and tested. A lumped RC filter is added in the loop of a conventional 1 st-order passive sigma-delta modulator in order to improve the linearity of its transfer function. A low power edge-triggered comparator was designed and fabricated(More)
nd-order single feedback path topology is used. All circuitry is optimized for low power operation through the use of minimum size MOSFETs, component reduction and topology choice. The modulator was fabricated in On Semiconductor's C5 500-nm process. The implementation achieved a typical SNDR of above 50 dB for tested frequencies of 10 Hz to 3 KHz and had a(More)
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