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In today's world the art of sending & displaying hidden information especially in public places, has received much attention and faced many challenges. Therefore, different methods have been proposed so far for hiding information in various cover media. Steganography is the method to hide a message inside another message without drawing any suspicion to(More)
Objective. Non-neoplastic and neoplastic mucosal lesions from orophayngolaryngeal region constitute a major health problem in developing countries. Carcinoma of this region is the commonest neoplasm in male in our country. The study was aimed at testing for the accuracy of cytological diagnosis as well as morphometry analysis and compared with(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) white blood cell (WBC) count and glucose and protein concentrations is used to assess the probability of the presence of central nervous system (CNS) infection. Although normal values are well established for CSF cell counts and protein and glucose contents in children and adults, this is not the case(More)
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