Angsana Jainaen

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AIM To evaluate the push-out bond strength of the dentine-sealer interface with and without main cone for three resin sealers. METHODOLOGY Thirty extracted maxillary premolar teeth with two separate canals were prepared using 0.04 taper Profile instruments to size 35-45. Teeth were divided into three groups for filling using AH Plus, EndoREZ or Resilon(More)
This study compared the microshear bond strength of three resin-based sealers to root dentin and assessed whether sealer cements behave differently in thin and thick films. Extracted maxillary premolars were sectioned buccolingually, and 45 root halves were randomly allocated for microshear bond testing with the three resin sealers in thin and thick films.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of dentinal tubules in the fracture properties of human root dentin and whether resin-filled dentinal tubules can enhance fracture resistance. MATERIALS AND METHODS Crack propagation in human root dentin was investigated in 200 microm thick longitudinal samples and examined by light and scanning electron microscopy. 30(More)
AIM To determine whether resin-based sealer cements are able to strengthen root dentine, as measured by work of fracture (Wf), micro-punch shear strength (MPSS) and resistance to vertical root fracture (VRF). METHODOLOGY One hundred and twenty extracted premolar teeth were randomly assigned amongst four treatments before testing: intact, root canals(More)
AIM To evaluate whether application of a total-etch/separate adhesive layer can enhance the bond of a UDMA-based sealer to dentine. METHODOLOGY The root canals of 20 decoronated maxillary premolar teeth with two canals were prepared to size 35-45, 0.04 taper using rotary NiTi instruments. The canals of each tooth were treated with application of either a(More)
Dentinal tubules occupy a substantial proportion of total dentin volume, especially of inner dentin. Resin-based sealer cements are known to penetrate deeply into dentinal tubules, but their ability to influence root strength is controversial. In this study, the contribution of dentinal tubules to shear strength and the influence of a resin-based sealer on(More)
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