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Communication primitives such as coding and multiple antenna processing have provided significant benefits for traditional wireless systems. Existing designs, however, consume significant power and computational resources, and hence cannot be run on low complexity, power constrained backscatter devices. This paper makes two main contributions: (1) we(More)
The ubiquity of the lighting infrastructure makes the visible light communication (VLC) well suited for mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the indoor environment. However, existing VLC systems have primarily been focused on one-way communications from the illumination infrastructure to the mobile device. They are power demanding and not(More)
Can crowdsourced annotation of training data boost performance for relation extraction over methods based solely on distant supervision? While crowdsourcing has been shown effective for many NLP tasks, previous researchers found only minimal improvement when applying the method to relation extraction. This paper demonstrates that a much larger boost is(More)
ESPRIT is an algorithm for DOA (Direction-of-Arrival) estimation. It provides a high angular resolution compared to the MUSIC algorithm, yet it has to calculate generalized eigenvalues of matrix pencils. In this paper, by introducing the sub-space decomposition into the original ESPRIT algorithm and exploiting Hermite symmetry of the correlation matrix of(More)
The new generation of LED-based illuminating infrastructures has enabled a “dual-paradigm" where LEDs are used for both illumination and communication purposes. The ubiquity of lighting makes visible light communication (VLC) well suited for communication with mobile devices and sensor nodes in indoor environment. Existing research on VLC has primarily been(More)
The relationship between vowel formants and the second subglottal resonance (Sg2) has previously been explored in English, German, Hungarian and Korean. Results from these studies indicate that vowel space is categorically divided by Sg2 and that Sg2 correlates well with standing height. One of the goals of this work is to verify if the above findings hold(More)
For Wireless Sensor Networks, the duty cycle is an important factor to energy benefit, by analyzing how the listening/sleep periods of S-MAC, T-MAC protocol work on energy consumption, we have defined two parameters, Thfl and Q, Thfl standing for average wave of network traffic, Q named as throughput quality factor. They reveal the relations among duty(More)
IEEE 802.16, which supports adaptions among different modulation and coding schemes, flexibly adjusts to complicated tactical scenarios. In this paper, by modeling the problem and determining proper metrics, we investigate the bit error ratio, spectrum efficiency, and the length of cyclic prefix under different modulation schemes, thus concluding that(More)
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