Angie Fasoula

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In this article, several well-known data-driven causality methods are revisited and comparatively evaluated. These are the Granger-Geweke Causality (GGC), the Partial Directed Coherence (PDC), the Directed Transfer Function (DTF) and the Direct Directed Transfer Function (dDTF). The robustness of the four causality measures against two degradation factors(More)
In this paper, the problem of target classification from multiple high range resolution (HRR) radars data is studied. The use of multi-sensor angle-diverse data aims at shortening of the required time before a decision is made, as compared to using single-sensor data. In order to avoid the high-dimensional HRR profile databases, involved in the classic(More)
Radar target classification based on 2D stochastic object model matching is studied in this paper. A network of High Range Resolution (HRR) radars provides range measurements at multiple time steps, while the extended object is moving in the surveillance area. Alignment of the multi-aspect HRR data in a common 2D coordinate system is required. For this(More)
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