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The DASH (Disability of Arm-Shoulder-Hand) is a self-administered questionnaire developed in 1994 by representatives of the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). It measures the physical disability and symptoms for all upper limb disorders in a heterogeneous population and for acute as well as chronic(More)
Management of very distal finger amputations is still controversial. Successful replantation results in an almost normal finger but is not without problems, such as technical difficulty, risk of failure and cost. "Reposition-flap" repair is a simpler procedure: it consists of distal bone and nail bed "graft-reposition" and pulp reconstruction by a flap. We(More)
INTRODUCTION Wounds on the palmar side of the wrist affecting the median or ulnar nerves are responsible for motor and sensory sequelae, severe pain and cold intolerance. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-nine patients with 40 nerve sections were retrospectively reviewed with a mean follow up of 23 months. The median nerve alone was affected 20 times, the(More)
OBJECTIVES Scapholunate ligament injuries may lead to scapholunate instability and wrist osteoarthritis. Many surgical techniques have been described to repair these injuries. The goal of our study is to assess the clinical results after capsulodesis with the scaphotriquetral ligament for scapholunate instabilities. METHODS Twenty-eight patients, 22 men(More)
About a new case of severe salicylate intoxication, the authors wanted to confirm the advantages of extrarenal epuration in some circumstances. Besides of usual treatments, it decreases the severity of this intoxication and the delay in its treatment by reducing quickly blood salicylate level to a moderate or benign rate whose prognosis is really better. Of(More)
Distal dorsal skin defects of the digits could be considered as a surgical entity. The coverage of this area is challenging according to the following points: the proximity of the distal interphalangeal joint, the thinness of the extensor apparatus and the vicinity of the nail. Among the numerous flaps described, the homodigital turnover pedicled flaps(More)
Spreading health knowledge and promoting healthy behavior can impact the lives of many people. Our project aims to create an interactive visualization system to spread knowledge of the effects of health habits and encourage healthy lifestyles. We used survey data about people's health behaviors and analyzed how these different behaviors affect an(More)
Primary or secondary flexor tendon repair after laceration in children do not have any technical specificity in comparison with adults. However, tendon ruptures may occur more frequently in case of light postoperative immobilization, especially in young children as little cooperation can be expected in the postoperative period. A closed above elbow cast(More)
Trigger finger is a very common disease. The vast majority of trigger fingers are primary idiopathic trigger fingers. We report the case of a bilateral and symmetric triggering of the fifth finger secondary to an anatomical variation of the lumbrical muscle. This lumbrical muscle arose from the flexor digitorum superficialis instead of the flexor digitorum(More)
BACKGROUND Aspecific scoring systems are used to predict the risk of death postsurgery in patients with infective endocarditis (IE). The purpose of the present study was both to analyze the risk factors for in-hospital death, which complicates surgery for IE, and to create a mortality risk score based on the results of this analysis. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)