Angie Chandler

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It is well understood that distributed multiplayer games, as soft real-time systems, require a degree of support from the underlying network in order to function correctly, in terms of predictable end to end bandwidth, latency and jitter. In a mobile environment, such applications face even greater challenges, as the latency of wireless networks is much(More)
Public displays are becoming increasingly commonplace, yet recent studies place the effectiveness and user acceptance of them into doubt. This paper motivates the need for a new class of display technology that can more effectively blend with its environment and introduces the concept of self-organizing emergent displays as a vehicle to achieving this. The(More)
Despite the ever increasing popularity of handheld, networked gaming consoles, fully interactive real-time, multiplayer games designed for these platforms have yet to become a reality. This is primarily caused by the reliance of these handheld devices on telecoms networks such as GPRS and 3G to enable communications between players, introducing network(More)
The designing and testing of the Petri net models for the mobile robot is done initially in component form, providing a model which is then automatically converted into a Gröbner basis to provide a simple means of reachability testing. Once the testing process is complete, the Petri net modules, which represent each of the components of the mobile robot are(More)
The topic of this paper is the design and implementation of an interacting Lego digger and dumper truck through the use of Petri nets. The focus of this is primarily on the use of Petri nets in the developing of dependable systems, an area of particular concern in the full-size equivalent of our experiment. The content of this paper will discuss the(More)
Up until now little support has been provided for shared state systems in environments with highly unpredictable network connections, such as mobile networks. Shared state conflict management has instead been focused on more stable network environments, such as the Internet, where delays may occur but where the high latency and frequent disconnection that(More)
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