Angie Boisselle

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Some characteristics of the dorsal skin cytoplasmic androgen receptor (AR) have been studied in male rats. The affinity constant, the binding specificity, and the sedimentation profile of the receptor have been found to be similar to the rat prostate AR. The measurement of the number of binding sites in various hormonal conditions (deprivation) led to the(More)
In this paper, we present a survey of recent advances in assistive technologies used to foster rehabilitation and improved quality of life for children with Cerebral palsy. The survey focuses specifically on robotics and interactive games used in rehabilitative therapy, as well as general electronic assistive devices for everyday use. The systems and(More)
Spironolactone, an aldosterone antagonist currently used in the treatment of hypertension, has numerous antiandrogenic side effects. Decreased production rates of testosterone in intact (N = 10) and hirsute (N = 6) women, respectively, were noted after short (7 days) or long-term (6 months) administration of the drug, 25 mg twice daily. A 50% diminution in(More)
The concept of inter-professional collaboration to optimize solutions for complex rehabilitation problems is not novel. However, the processes involved in successful and optimal collaboration between rehabilitation therapists and computer scientists is not well studied. In this paper, we examine strategies to connect technology driven problems and solutions(More)
This paper presents a home-based robot-rehabilitation instrument, called ”MAGNI Dynamics”, that utilized a vision-based kinematic/dynamic module and an adaptive haptic feedback controller. The system is expected to provide personalized rehabilitation by adjusting its resistive and supportive behavior according to a fuzzy intelligence controller that acts as(More)
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