Angharad Thomas

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Cette étude a pour but de tester et quantifier l’apport de la détermination du sexe des individus sur le terrain, notamment en contexte préventif, au travers des diagnoses sexuelles métrique (DSP) et morphologique, et de la diagnose sexuelle secondaire (DSS), employée expérimentalement avec les longueurs maximales des os longs mesurées in situ. Nous nous(More)
The paper examines the relationship between design and sustainability in a policy context of sustainable development, in Wales, UK, a devolved Government with a legal remit to sustainable development. A case study approach has been used alongside grounded theory methods; a range of producers being studied, factory production to individual makers. The use of(More)
This paper examines design in the context of sustainable development, asking the question, what can design contribute to sustainable development? Given the continued need for development that improves quality of life and reduces poverty in both developed economies and those now developing rapidly such as India and China, the need is urgent for this to be(More)
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