Angelos Protopapas

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The study of cortical oscillations has undergone a renaissance in recent years because of their presumed role in cognitive function. Of particular interest are frequencies in the gamma (30-100 Hz) and theta (3-12 Hz) ranges. In this paper, we use spike coding techniques and in vitro whole cell recording to assess the ability of individual pyramidal cells of(More)
We performed whole-cell recordings of layer III non-pyramidal neurons in the piriform cortex of Sprague-Dawley rats. For comparison purposes, recordings were made from deep pyramidal cells, which are also present in layer III. These two cell types could be distinguished both anatomically and physiologically. Anatomically, the layer III non-pyramidal neuron(More)
CIMWOS is a multimedia, multimodal and multilingual system supporting content-based indexing, archiving, retrieval, and on-demand delivery of audiovisual content. The system uses a multifaceted approach to locate important segments within multimedia material employing state-of-the-art algorithms for text, speech and image processing. The audio processing(More)
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