Angelos Echiadis

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Monitoring of mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO(2)) is currently performed using invasive fibre-optic catheters. This procedure is not without risk as complications may arise from catheterization. This paper describes an alternative, non-invasive method of monitoring peripheral venous oxygen saturation (SxvO(2)) which, although it cannot replace pulmonary(More)
Venox is a propriety Venous Oximetry system, capable of measuring peripheral venous oximetry. In this ongoing study, Venox is being compared against mixed central venous oximetry during human cardiac surgery, with Fibre optic reflectance spectrophotometry being used as the gold standard, placed in the pulmonary artery. A background review of the Pulse(More)
This paper provides an overview of the most recent developments in photoplethysmography (PPG). Existing contact point measurement techniques, i.e. pulse oximetry probes, are contrasted with the next generation non-contact and imaging implementations, i.e. non-contact reflection and camera-based PPG. The development of effective PPG monitoring techniques(More)
This paper presents a camera-based imaging photoplethysmographic (PPG) system in the remote detection of PPG signals, which can contribute to construct a 3-D blood pulsation mapping for the assessment of skin blood microcirculation at various vascular depths. Spot measurement and contact sensor have been currently addressed as the primary limitations in the(More)
We discuss BioThreads, a novel, configurable, extensible system-on-chip multiprocessor and its use in accelerating biomedical signal processing applications such as imaging photoplethysmography (IPPG). BioThreads is derived from the LE1 open-source VLIW chip multiprocessor and efficiently handles instruction, data and thread-level parallelism. In addition,(More)
This paper describes a research and innovation platform for the development of ideas relating to the investigation of blood perfusion in peripheral tissue. The Loughborough Innovation Platform for Health Technologies (LIPHT) can be used to demonstrate the use of the research and innovation pipe-line in more than one dimension. For this paper the first(More)
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