Angelo Taglietti

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AGOSTONI, E., A. TAGLIETTI AND I. SETNIKAR. Absorption jome oj the capillaries of the visceral pleura in determination of the intrapleural pressure. Am. J. Physiol. 191(2): 277-282. qg.--A method is described for the measurement of the net absorption pressure of the capillaries at the level of the visceral pleura. This pressure was found to be about 15 mm(More)
Biofilm production is the crucial pathogenic mechanism of the implant-associated infection and a primary target for new anti-infective strategies. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are attracting interest for their multifaceted potential biomedical applications. As endowed with highest surface/mass ratio and potent antibacterial activity, they can profitably be(More)
In the present work, we describe a simple procedure to produce biomimetically coated silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs), based on the postfunctionalization and purification of colloidal silver stabilized by citrate. Two biological capping agents have been used (cysteine Cys and glutathione GSH). The composition of the capped colloids has been ascertained by(More)
Two new sulfonamide-type fluorescent chemosensors in organic media are reported. The two receptors, [N,N'-bis(2-tosylaminobenzylidene)-1,2-diaminoethane and N,N'-bis(2-tosylaminobenzylidene)-1,3-diamino-2-propanol], display marked changes in the fluorescence emission intensities as a result of deprotonation by basic anions, and show high selectivity for(More)
A two-step, easy synthetic strategy in solution has been optimized to prepare authentic monolayers of silver nanoparticles (NP) on MPTS-modified glass surfaces, that were investigated by AFM imaging and by quantitative silver determination techniques. NP in the monolayers remain firmly grafted (i.e. not released) when the surfaces are exposed to air, water(More)