Angelo Taborelli

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Of 500 left brain-damaged patients with educational level above elementary school investigated with a standard quantitative battery for dissociation between oral and written expression, speech was found to be selectively impaired in seven (three with "pure anarthria," two with anarthria in the context of Broca's aphasia, and two with fluent aphasia with(More)
Temporosphenoidal encephaloceles are rare entities that occur when the temporal lobe herniates into the sphenoid sinus through a skull base defect of the temporal bone. Both an iatrogenic and a traumatic pathogenesis have been proposed. The authors describe a spontaneously occurring temporosphenoidal encephalocele in a 63-year-old woman who had a 4-year(More)
We assessed the feasibility of fluoroscopically guided transurethral replacement of ureteral stents as an alternative to cystoscopy. Over the last year, we replaced 27 double-J ureteral stents in 20 patients (10 men and 10 women; mean age 67.7 years, range 43–83); 15/20 patients had a native kidney, 3/20 had a transplanted kidney and 2/20 had a ureteroileal(More)
The cystic dilation of ventriculus terminalis (CDVT) is a rare anatomical variant in adulthood. In this report we describe a new case of an adult with multilobed CDVT, causing low-back pain and subjective disturbances in walking. A myelotomy with fenestration of the cyst was performed with a good clinical and radiological outcome.