Angelo Simone

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Myxobacteria are social bacteria that exhibit a complex life cycle culminating in the development of multicellular fruiting bodies. The alignment of rod-shaped myxobacteria cells within populations is crucial for development to proceed. It has been suggested that myxobacteria align due to mechanical interactions between gliding cells and that cell(More)
BACKGROUND While optimal blood glucose control is known to reduce the long-term complications associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus, adolescents often struggle to achieve their blood glucose targets. However, their strong propensity toward technology presents a unique opportunity for the delivery of novel self-management interventions. To support type 1(More)
The interaction between ice sheets and offshore structures is of key importance in the design of offshore platforms in the Arctic. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of ice material the use of small-scale experiments is problematic if one aims at drawing some conclusions about the forces exerted on large-scale structures such as oil rigs. As a preliminary(More)
In this article we investigate the application of high order approximation techniques to one-dimensional boundary layer problems. In particular, we use second order differential equations and coupled second order differential equations as case studies. The accuracy and convergence rate of numerical solution obtained with Lagrange, Hermite, B-spline finite(More)
Hydrodynamic conditions have a significant impact on the biofilm lifecycle. Not well understood is the fact that biofilms, in return, also affect the flow pattern. A decade ago, it was already shown experimentally that under fast flows, biofilm streamers form and oscillate with large amplitudes. This work is a first attempt to answer the questions on the(More)
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