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Carotid siphon geometry and variants of the circle of Willis in the origin of carotid aneurysms.
A narrower carotid siphon or the presence of fetal-type PcomA or A1 hypoplasia may cause hemodynamic stress, thereby promoting the formation of aneurysms in susceptible individuals. Expand
Large Vertex Epidural Hematoma: Case Report and Review of Surgical Approaches
A case of a very large epidural hematoma on the vertex between the coronal e lambdoid sutures with central brain herniation with standard biparietal craniotomy is described. Expand
Transcalvarial brain herniation volume as a predictor of posttraumatic hydrocephalus after decompressive craniectomy
There was a clear association between severity of TBI, TCH volume and subdural hygroma with the development of hydrocephalus and Clinicians should follow closely patients with those findings in order to avoid late deterioration. Expand
Neurogenic bladder dysfunction as a signal of late failure of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in a child with spina bifida.
A rare case of a 12 years-old female patient with myelomeningocele and evidence of a failure 10 years after a previously successful ETV whose initial symptoms were worsening of urinary complaints is described. Expand