Angelo Palombo

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An experimental method to select the number of principal components in minimum noise fraction (MNF) is proposed to process images measured by imagery sensors onboard aircraft or satellites. The method is based on an experimental measurement by spectrometers in dark conditions from which noise structure can be estimated. To represent typical land conditions(More)
The main objectives of the PRISMA (Hyperspectral Precursor of the Application Mission) mission are: the implementation of an Earth Observation pre-operative payload, the in-orbit demonstration and qualification of an Italian state-of-the-art hyperspectral/panchromatic technology and the validation of end-to-end data processing system able to support the(More)
The objective of this research study is to assess the capability of time-series of MODIS imagery to provide information suitable for enhancing the understanding of the temporal cycles shown by the abnormal growth of the floating macrophytes in order to support monitoring and management action of Lake Victoria water resources. The proliferation of invasive(More)
This paper describes a fast procedure for evaluating asphalt pavement surface defects using airborne emissivity data. To develop this procedure, we used airborne multispectral emissivity data covering an urban test area close to Venice (Italy).For this study, we first identify and select the roads' asphalt pavements on Multispectral Infrared Visible Imaging(More)
The SAP4PRISMA is a four year research project which aims at developing algorithms and products for the future PRISMA mission. The project started on May 2010 and is now entering his full activities as the ”PRISMA like” data set has been defined and the test areas were selected. The paper describes the main project objectives and the(More)
The ISTIMES project, funded by the European Commission in the frame of a joint Call "ICT and Security" of the Seventh Framework Programme, is presented and preliminary research results are discussed. The main objective of the ISTIMES project is to design, assess and promote an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)-based system, exploiting(More)
Observations recently reported by our group indicate that combined 7 Hz sinusoidal (B(acpeak) = 50 mu T) and parallel static (B(dc) = 50 mu T) magnetic fields can induce a significant increase in diffusion rate of substrate across carbonic anhydrase (CA)-loaded liposomes (DPPC:Chol:SA). A direct involvement of charges of stearylamine (SA) on the lipid(More)
The paper shows the TASI-600 thermal hyperspectral sensor acquired by the Italian National Research Council — Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis (CNR-IMAA) and describes some of the checks carried out during the commissioning phase. Furthermore, the first data acquired during the test-flight on hot spots of the volcanic island of(More)
Soil moisture hampers the estimation of soil variables such as clay content from remote and proximal sensing data, reducing the strength of the relevant spectral absorption features. In the present study, two different strategies have been evaluated for their ability to minimize the influence of soil moisture on clay estimation by using soil spectra(More)
The ERMES agromonitoring system for rice cultivations integrates EO data at different resolutions, crop models, and user-provided <italic>in situ</italic> data in a unified system, which drives two operational downstream services for rice monitoring. The first is aimed at providing information concerning the behavior of the current season at regional/rice(More)