Angelo Morelli

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INTRODUCTION Volatile anesthetics improve post-ischemic recovery. A meta-analysis suggested that the cardioprotective properties of desflurane and sevoflurane could reduce mortality and cardiac morbidity in cardiac surgery. Recent American College of Cardiology / American Heart Association Guidelines recommended volatile anesthetic agents during non-cardiac(More)
A study of auditory P300 was performed on 24 patients with cirrhosis of the liver: 13 patients with hepatic encephalopathy (HE grade 1-2) and 11 patients without clinical encephalopathy (HE grade 0). The patients were also assessed using spontaneous EEG and neuropsychological methods: Mini Mental State, Digit Span and Number Connection Test. The P3 latency(More)
INTRODUCTION Histological distinction between typical and atypical bronchopulmonary carcinoids is based on mitotic activity and necrosis. Regardless of these two parameters, outcome after surgery is often unpredictable. In this study the prognostic value of different clinico-pathological factors was retrospectively analyzed in a large series of patients(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute kidney injury requiring renal replacement therapy is a serious complication following cardiac surgery associated with poor clinical outcomes. Until now no drug showed nephroprotective effects. Fenoldopam is a dopamine-1 receptor agonist which seems to be effective in improving postoperative renal function. The aim of this paper is to(More)
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