Angelo Marguglio

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The pre and postnatal development of human immunity are remarkably continuous. The feto-placental unit builds up to promote a climate of immune tolerance specifically driven in this way by the maternal immunity. The process of birth triggers the development of the infant's postnatal immunity, in first place through the bacterial colonisation of a sterile(More)
Session management in distributed Internet services is traditionally based on username and password, explicit logouts and mechanisms of user session expiration using classic timeouts. Emerging biometric solutions allow substituting username and password with biometric data during session establishment, but in such an approach still a single verification is(More)
In this paper we present PRACTIONIST Studio, which is an integrated design and development environment for BDI agent-based systems, providing facilities and tools to represent the concepts and intentional elements underlying such a model as well as several common features offered by UMLbased tools. PRACTIONIST Studio aims at bridging the gap between the(More)
Sudden postnatal collapse of a full-term newborn is uncommon but may result in severe consequences: these include death; epilepsy; and motor, cognitive, or sensory impairment. Most authors suggest applying a therapeutic hypothermia approach when a previously healthy newborn develops moderate or severe encephalopathy after a sudden postnatal collapse(More)
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