Angelo M Bergamo

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PURPOSE There is a growing interest in the radiation oncology community to use the biological effective dose (BED) rather than the physical dose (PD) in treatment plan evaluation and optimization due to its stronger correlation with radiobiological effects. Radiotherapy patients may receive treatments involving a single only phase or multiple phases (e.g.,(More)
Deformable image registration (DIR) and interobserver variation inevitably intro-duce uncertainty into the treatment planning process. The purpose of the current work was to measure deformable image registration (DIR) errors and interobserver variability for regions of interest (ROIs) in the head and neck and pelvic regions. Measured uncertainties were(More)
A multiphase, approximate biological effective dose (BEDA) equation was introduced because most treatment planning systems (TPS) are incapable of calculating the true BED (BEDT). This work investigates the accuracy and precision of the multiphase BEDA relative to the BEDT in clinical cases. Ten patients with head and neck cancer and 10 patients with(More)
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