Angelo L Ilersich

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BACKGROUND Preliminary studies suggested that pain experienced by infants in the neonatal period may have long-lasting effects on future infant behaviour. The objectives of this study were to find out whether neonatal circumcision altered pain response at 4-month or 6-month vaccination compared with the response in uncircumcised infants, and whether(More)
BACKGROUND Rates of patient adherence (compliance) to pharmacotherapy range from <5% to >90%. Negative determinants include multiple daily dosing (MDD), chronic duration, and asymptomatic disease. Reports suggest that once-daily (QD) dosing may improve adherence, but their findings are inconclusive. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess and compare the quality of nonstructured and structured abstracts of original research articles in three medical journals. DESIGN Blind, criterion-based observational study. SAMPLE Random sample of 300 abstracts (25 abstracts per journal each year) of articles published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the Canadian Medical(More)
Our objective was to assess the quality of reporting of original economic research articles in PharmacoEconomics from inception to the end of 1995, in order to identify areas of strength and weakness, and analyse trends over time. Each regular issue of the journal was examined for original economic evaluations. Accepted articles were categorised by study(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the quality of abstracts of original research articles. DESIGN Blind, criterion-based survey. SAMPLE Systematic sample of 33 abstracts of original research articles published in CMAJ in 1989. MEASUREMENT The quality of abstracts was measured against a checklist of evaluation criteria, which were divided into eight categories. A(More)
BACKGROUND Vaccine injections are the most common reason for iatrogenic pain in childhood. With the steadily increasing number of recommended vaccinations, there has been a concomitant increase in concern regarding the adequacy of pain management. Physical interventions and injection techniques that minimize pain during vaccine injection offer an advantage(More)
PURPOSE To model the cost-effectiveness of adopting capecitabine/docetaxel combination therapy in place of single-agent taxane therapy for women in the province of Ontario, Canada, receiving treatment for anthracycline-pretreated metastatic breast cancer. METHODS Clinical effectiveness and economic data were combined in a population model, from the(More)
The objective of this study was to analyse the extent of reporting of sensitivity analyses in the health economics, medical and pharmacy literature between journal types and over time. 90 articles were chosen from each of the bodies of literature on health economics, medicine and pharmacy. MEDLINE, EMBASE and International Pharmaceutical Abstracts were(More)
OBJECTIVE We used meta-analysis to compare clinical cure and success rates for parenteral clindamycin 600 mg q8h or 900 mg q8h therapy to treat adult intraabdominal or female pelvic infections. DATA SOURCES We located English-language articles describing clindamycin use in humans using MEDLINE, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, and Embase and from(More)
This paper describes the implementation of the Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Workload Measurement System (CHPWMS) by the pharmacy department of a 475-bed long term care facility. The CHPWMS description of a computerized individual patient prescription service provided the basis for the implementation. Following an initial appraisal of similarities between(More)