Angelo L. Garcia

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Multi-locus enzyme electrophoresis is the current gold standard for the genetic characterisation of Leishmania. However, this method is time-consuming and, more importantly, cannot be directly applied to parasites present in host tissue. PCR-based methods represent an ideal alternative but, to date, a multi-locus analysis has not been applied to the same(More)
Two novel granin-like polypeptides, VGF and pro-SAAS, which are stored in and released from secretory vesicles and are expressed widely in nervous, endocrine, and neuroendocrine tissues, play roles in the regulation of body weight, feeding, and energy expenditure. Both VGF and pro-SAAS are cleaved into peptide fragments, several of which are biologically(More)
Myofibroblasts (Mfs) that persist in a healing wound promote extracellular matrix (ECM) accumulation and excessive tissue contraction. Increased levels of integrin αvβ5 promote the Mf phenotype and other fibrotic markers. Previously we reported that maintaining uPA (urokinase plasminogen activator) bound to its cell-surface receptor, uPAR prevented(More)
  • R George, A L Garcia, C A Edwards
  • 2015
BACKGROUND The glycaemic responses of staples differ when eaten as mixed meals. We determined the glycaemic responses and glycaemic index (GI) values for common South Asian carbohydrate rich foods and the effect of adding curried chicken to them as mixed meals. METHODS The GI and glycaemic response to staples (basmati rice, pilau rice and chapatti) and(More)
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