Angelo Gulinatti

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We present a novel approach to high-throughput Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) which enables us to obtain one order of magnitude improvement in acquisition time. Our approach utilizes a liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator to generate dynamically adjustable focal spots, and uses an eight-pixel monolithic single-photon avalanche(More)
Single epitaxially-grown semiconductor quantum dots have great potential as single photon sources for photonic quantum technologies, though in practice devices often exhibit nonideal behavior. Here, we demonstrate that amplitude modulation can improve the performance of quantum-dot-based sources. Starting with a bright source consisting of a single quantum(More)
A bright photon source that combines high-fidelity entanglement, on-demand generation, high extraction efficiency, directional and coherent emission, as well as position control at the nanoscale is required for implementing ambitious schemes in quantum information processing, such as that of a quantum repeater. Still, all of these properties have not yet(More)
—We present a silicon monolithic array of 60 photon counters (single-photon avalanche diode array) for two-dimensional imaging, with detection efficiency higher than 30% in the visible range. The fabricated solid-state array is rugged and easy to be integrated in the optical system. It is free from readout noise and provides very fast frame rates and(More)
Nowadays a growing number of applications require arrays of SPAD detectors with high photon-timing jitter performance. In order to attain this result without impairing the other device characteristics a clear understanding of the avalanche dynamics and statistics is mandatory. In this work we describe the argument, supported by simulations and experimental(More)
Solution-based single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy is a powerful new experimental approach with applications in all fields of natural sciences. Two typical geometries can be used for these experiments: point-like and widefield excitation and detection. In point-like geometries, the basic concept is to excite and collect light from a very small volume(More)
We have developed a robust, BB84, 850 nm wavelength, gigahertz clock, phase encoding quantum key distribution system. This has been analyzed using a number of single-photon detectors and tested against predictions from our theoretical model.
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