Angelo Genovese

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Contactless fingerprint recognition systems are being researched in order to reduce intrinsic limitations of traditional biometric acquisition technologies, encompassing the release of latent fingerprints on the sensor platen, non-linear spatial distortions in the captured samples, and relevant image differences with respect to the moisture level and(More)
Autonomic nerves supplying mammalian male internal genital organs have an important role in the regulation of reproductive function. To find out the relationships between the neurochemical content of these nerves and the reproductive activity, we performed a histochemical and immunohistochemical study in a species, the water buffalo, exhibiting a seasonal(More)
The mammalian Insula is characterised by considerable morphologic variability, however, it shows a cytoarchitectonic homogeneity within the species so far studied. Three cytoarchitectonic areas are generally recognisable in the Insula: an "agranular", a "dysgranular" and a "granular" area. The numerous functions attributed to the Insula (visceral sensory,(More)
In this paper, we propose an image processing system for the detection of wildfire smoke based on computational intelligence techniques and capable of adapting to different applicative environments. The proposed system is designed for processing with limited computational complexity. The detection process focuses on the extraction of specific features of(More)
Traditional fingerprint recognition systems require that the users touch a sensor to perform biometric acquisitions. In order to increase the usability, acceptability, and accuracy of fingerprint recognition technologies, touchless systems have recently been studied. With respect to touch-based biometric techniques, these systems present important(More)
Current contactless fingertip recognition systems based on three-dimensional finger models mostly use multiple views (N > 2) or structured light illumination with multiple patterns projected over a period of time. In this paper, we present a novel methodology able to obtain a fast and accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the fingertip by(More)
The increasing demand for traveler clearance at international border crossing points (BCPs) has motivated research for finding more efficient solutions. Automated border control (ABC) is emerging as a solution to enhance the convenience of travelers, the throughput of BCPs, and national security. This is the first comprehensive survey on the biometric(More)