Angelo Genovese

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—Current contactless fingertip recognition systems based on three-dimensional finger models mostly use multiple views (N > 2) or structured light illumination with multiple patterns projected over a period of time. In this paper, we present a novel methodology able to obtain a fast and accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the fingertip by using a(More)
—Contactless fingerprint recognition systems are being researched in order to reduce intrinsic limitations of traditional biometric acquisition technologies, encompassing the release of latent fingerprints on the sensor platen, non-linear spatial distortions in the captured samples, and relevant image differences with respect to the moisture level and(More)
—The estimation of the volume occupied by an object is an important task in the fields of granulometry, quality control, and archaeology. An accurate and well know technique for the volume measurement is based on the Archimedes' principle. However, in many applications it is not possible to use this technique and faster contact-less techniques based on(More)