Angelo Franchini

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Multi-arm trials (trials with more than two arms) are particularly valuable forms of evidence for network meta-analysis (NMA). Trial results are available either as arm-level summaries, where effect measures are reported for each arm, or as contrast-level summaries, where the differences in effect between arms compare with the control arm chosen for the(More)
STUDY QUESTION Are PhysioDirect services, based on initial telephone assessment and advice from a physiotherapist, as effective as usual care involving patients waiting for a face-to-face appointment? SUMMARY ANSWER Patients allocated to PhysioDirect received treatment more quickly than those allocated to usual care, and had equivalent clinical outcomes.
BACKGROUND As a result of long delays for physiotherapy for musculoskeletal problems, several areas in the UK have introduced PhysioDirect services in which patients telephone a physiotherapist for initial assessment and treatment advice. However, there is no robust evidence about the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness or acceptability to patients of(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the cost-effectiveness of PhysioDirect with usual physiotherapy care for patients with musculoskeletal problems. DESIGN (1) Cost-consequences comparing cost to the National Health Service (NHS), to patients, and the value of lost productivity with a range of outcomes. (2) Cost-utility analysis comparing cost to the NHS with(More)
60 anxious patients received either 3 mg lorazepam or 30 mg clobazam daily for 4 weeks preceded and followed by a 1-week placebo treatment. Both drugs were equally effective in changing the ratings of anxiety obtained on the Hamilton anxiety rating scale, the Leeds self assessment scale and visual analogue scales. Statistically significant differences(More)
Objectives To assess the clinical effectiveness, effect on waiting times, and patient acceptability of PhysioDirect services in patients with musculoskeletal problems, compared with usual care. Design Pragmatic randomised controlled trial to assess equivalence in clinical effectiveness. Patients were individually randomised in a 2:1 ratio to PhysioDirect or(More)
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