Angelo Corana

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A new global optimization algorithm for functions of continuous variables is presented, derived from the “Simulated Annealing” algorithm recently introduced in combinatorial optimization. The algorithm is essentially an iterative random search procedure with adaptive moves along the coordinate directions. It permits uphill moves under the(More)
We present a distributed approach for grid resource discovery, which combines a structured view of resources (single machines, homogeneous and heterogeneous clusters) at the physical organization (PO) level with a super-peer network connecting the various POs. The proposed architecture is modular and independent of the particular grid middleware. After a(More)
We present a distributed matchmaking methodology based on a two-level (low-level and application-level) benchmarking, that allows the specification of both syntactic and performance requirements. In particular, we point out how the use of application-level benchmarks gives a more accurate characterization of resources, so enabling a better exploitation of(More)
Grid environments must provide effective mechanisms able to select the most adequate resources satisfying application requirements. A description of applications and resources, grounded on a common and shared basis, is crucial to favour an effective pairing. A suitable criterion to match demand with supply is to characterize resources by means of their(More)
The rapid evolution of Grid Computing and the development of new middleware services make Grid platforms increasingly used not only for best effort scientific jobs but also in industrial and business applications. This has taken to the growing demand of Quality of Service (QoS) support. However, the QoS issue on Grid is quite difficult, as Grid has been(More)