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Efficient and robust system for accessing computational resources and managing job operations is a key component of any Grid framework designed to support large distributed computing environment. Computing Resource Execution and Management (CREAM) is a simple, minimal system designed to provide efficient processing of a large number of requests for(More)
Contemporary Grids are characterized by a middleware that provides the necessary virtualization of computation and data resources for the shared working environment of the Grid. In a large-scale view, different middleware technologies and implementations have to coexist. The SOA approach provides the needed architectural backbone for interoperable(More)
PTK is a new open-source tool for all complex digital investigations. It represents an alternative to the well-known but now obsolete front-end Autopsy Forensic Browser. This latter tool has a number of inadequacies taking the form of a cumbersome user interface, complicated case and evidence management, and a non-interactive timeline that is difficult to(More)
community net is an open-access computerized bulletin board system (BBS) whose goal is to provide general information to the population of the cities or towns it serves. Naturally, this local focus attracts people who typically would never use a computer network. Most users are laymen not ordinarily involved in computer matters: They log on frequently to(More)
The SSIX (Social Sentiment analysis financial IndeXes) project is a European Innovation Project sponsored by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework. SSIX aims to provide European SMEs with a collection of easy to interpret tools to analyse and understand social media sentiment for any given topic regardless of locale or language. The(More)
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