Angelo Carretta

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BACKGROUND Traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts (TPPs) are rare sequelae of blunt chest trauma. We present a retrospective review of TPPs observed in our hospital and discuss the diagnosis, treatment, and complications of these unusual lesions. METHODS Between 1991 and 1999, 11 TPPs were diagnosed in 10 patients. None of the lesions was detectable on the chest(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, we analyze our experience with pulmonary resection for metastases from colorectal carcinoma. The aims were to search for factors influencing prognosis and to investigate the presence of microsatellite instability in the primary tumors and the corresponding lung metastases. METHODS We identified 81 patients who underwent surgical(More)
BACKGROUND To compare surgical tracheostomy (ST) versus percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy (PDT) in terms of complication rates. In particular we specifically studied the late tracheal complications of both methods by means of endoscopic controls of patients up to 6 months after the procedures. METHODS DESIGN prospective-randomized clinical study.(More)
BACKGROUND Brain metastases (BM) are frequent sites of initial failure in patients with locally advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer (LAD-NSCLC) undergoing multimodality treatments (MMT). New treatment and follow-up strategies are needed to reduce the risk of BM and to diagnose them early enough for effective treatment. METHODS The incidence rate of BM as(More)
Patients usually fear fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FBS) and they report a low level of satisfaction after this examination. We evaluated the efficacy of acupuncture in decreasing patient anxiety before diagnostic FBS and in improving tolerance to the examination. In a prospective double-blind study, we enrolled 48 patients scheduled to undergo diagnostic FBS.(More)
BACKGROUND Thoracic surgeons have limited experience of inflammatory pseudotumors of the lung owing to their rare occurrence in routine clinical practice. METHODS We retrospectively investigated the clinicopathologic features of 18 patients with inflammatory pseudotumor of the lung observed between 1992 and 2002. RESULTS There were 13 men and 5 women.(More)
We retrospectively reviewed our experience with catamenial pneumothorax (CP) in terms of treatment and follow-up. From 1993 to 2008, ten women presented at our department with CP. CP was right-sided in all patients: seven presented diaphragmatic defects including one endometriosis, five had apical bulla or blebs that in three patients were the only(More)
Due to the severity of respiratory symptoms, congenital lobar emphysema often requires surgical treatment in the early stages of life. Diagnosis of congenital lobar emphysema in adult life is therefore unusual, often presenting with mild symptoms. Diagnostic assessment is therefore of great importance in the treatment of these patients. A case of congenital(More)
Patients on hemodialysis (HD) who undergo surgery represent a high risk group requiring careful perioperative management to avoid electrolyte imbalance and hemodynamic instability. The aim of the study was to analyze the postoperative outcome in terms of complications and survival of a group of patients on HD who had undergone pulmonary resection for(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with lung cancer may present concomitant coronary arterial disease. Feasibility of lung resection is dependent on the severity of the cardiac impairment since it can increase operative morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to analyze the results of lung resection in patients with coronary arterial disease in terms of(More)