Angelo Bongiorno

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At moderate temperatures (≤ 70°C), thermal reduction of graphene oxide is inefficient and after its synthesis the material enters in a metastable state. Here, first-principles and statistical calculations are used to investigate both the low-temperature processes leading to decomposition of graphene oxide and the role of ageing on the structure and(More)
Bonding of gold clusters, , 16, and 20, on MgO(100) and on thin MgO films supported on Mo(100) is investigated using first-principles density-functional theory. Enhanced adhesive bonding is found for clusters deposited on metal-supported MgO films of thickness up to about 1 nm, or 4 to 5 MgO layers, originating from electrostatic interaction between the(More)
The enhancement by water molecules of the catalytic activity of gas-phase and supported gold nanoclusters toward CO oxidation is investigated with first-principles calculations. Coadsorption of H(2)O and O(2) leads to formation of a complex well bound to the gold cluster, even on a defect-free MgO(100) support. Formation of the complex involves partial(More)
Oxidative damage to DNA, implicated in mutagenesis, aging, and cancer, follows electron loss that generates a radical cation that migrates to a guanine, where it may react with water to form 8-oxo-7,8-dihydroguanine (8-OxoG). Molecular dynamics and ab initio quantum simulations on a B-DNA tetradecamer reveal activated reaction pathways that depend on the(More)
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