Angelo Beltrami

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The effects of using different algorithms to estimate the time constant of changes in oxygen uptake at the onset of square-wave 120 W cycloergometric exercise were evaluated in seven subjects. The volume of oxygen taken up at the alveoli (VO2Ai) was determined breath-by-breath (BB) from the volume of O2 transferred at the mouth (VO2mi) minus the(More)
We have studied 130 patients with diabetes mellitus and 455 patients without. All the patients were consecutively admitted to our Coronary Care Unit with their first myocardial infarction. We have observed a higher incidence of heart failure, in-hospital mortality, atrial fibrillation, conduction abnormalities, and post-infarction angina among diabetics.(More)
We report the case of a patient with genetically confirmed Brugada syndrome who presented with ST-segment elevation in the right precordial and inferior leads. The presenting arrhythmia was atrial fibrillation, which degenerated into ventricular fibrillation during intravenous amiodarone. A flecainide test was markedly positive. Four appropriate(More)
The objective of this study was to analyze the results of surgical treatment of primary non-Hodgkin lymphomas of the right colon. Ten patients were operated on with curative intention. Dawson's criteria were used to characterize the colonic lymphoma as a primary lymphomas. In the staging of the tumor, the Ann Arbor classification for gastrointestinal(More)
Systolic time intervals at rest and after exercise were studied in 56 patients with essential hypertension. The patients were divided into groups according to the presence or absence at rest of electrocardiographic patterns of left atrial hypertrophy, and left ventricular strain. An impaired left ventricular function was shown, at rest and after exercise,(More)
Sinus node electrogram (SNE) was recorded in 15 patients with sick sinus syndrome (SSS) in which prolonged atrial pauses were observed. The aim of this study was clarify the physiopathological mechanisms underlying atrial pauses as well as to evaluate the sensitivity of sinoatrial conduction time (SACT) directly measured on SNE and of SACT estimated with(More)
The aim of this study was to establish the electrophysiological mechanism of atrial pauses, defined as a sudden lengthening of atrial cycle greater than or equal to 10% of its basal value. The sinus node electrogram (SNE) was recorded during electrophysiological study in 20 subjects. Satisfactory recordings of 64 pauses were obtained, 25 of which were(More)
The interference of placebo effect in the treatment of angina pectoris has been studied in a group of patients with stable angina pectoris, selected on the basis of normal electrocardiogram at rest and a pathologic ergometric electrocardiographic test. It was found that the patients could be divided, according to the results of the exercise test, into two(More)
This work presents the creation of a dynamic energy model able to simulate, with a reasonable workload, a very large number of integrated building-plant systems with different scales and resolutions, in order to have a design support for architects and designers, reducing their modeling effort and errors. The model includes the dynamic simulation of the(More)