Angelita Bush

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Previous research has suggested an increased liability to smoking among individuals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This link is thought to be attributable, in part, to nicotine's beneficial effects on attention and performance. In the present study, we examined the association of ADHD symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity with(More)
This study sought to evaluate physical activity in women at moderate risk for breast cancer, the correlates of engaging in regular physical activity, and whether physical activity relates to psychological well-being. The results revealed that 55% of women were regularly active. Logistic regression models indicated that positive affect was associated with(More)
This study sought to identify adolescents most receptive to tobacco advertising based on individual differences in novelty-seeking personality and other key variables. Confidential self-report surveys were completed by 1,071 high school freshmen at 5 public high schools. The survey included validated measures of novelty-seeking personality, smoking habits,(More)
Approximately 50% of the variance in smoking behavior is attributable to genetic factors. Genes in the serotonin system are plausible candidates because of serotonin's role in mood regulation. The present study examined the association of smoking behavior with a polymorphism in the TPH gene, which codes for a rate limiting enzyme in the biosynthesis of(More)