Angelique P Groot

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Coagulation proteases may act as cell signaling molecules via protease-activated receptor (PAR) cleavage, subsequently affecting cellular and inflammatory responses. Activation of PARs in the setting of systemic inflammation and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) might thus exacerbate the inflammatory response contributing to tissue and organ(More)
BACKGROUND A C1173T polymorphism in intron 1 of the VKORC1 gene has been claimed to determine the interindividual variability in the response to vitamin K antagonist therapy (VKA), but it is unknown whether it also influences bleeding risk. We aimed to confirm the relationship between C1173T status and phenprocoumon or acenocoumarol use, and to examine the(More)
The effects of steroids on the outcome of sepsis are dose dependent. Low doses appear to be beneficial, but high doses do not improve outcome for reasons that are insufficiently understood. The effects of steroids on systemic inflammation as a function of dose have not previously been studied in humans. To determine the effects of increasing doses of(More)
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