Angelique Floter Radestad

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The study was undertaken to investigate a possible mechanism for reducing the phagocytosis of spermatozoa by leukocytes in the peritoneal fluid from women suffering from endometriosis. Peritoneal fluids were collected during laparoscopy from women undergoing laparoscopic sterilization or from women under investigation for cause of infertility where the(More)
OBJECTIVE A retrospective study of short and long term results of transcervical endomyometrial resection for menorrhagia. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patient data were collected from all 104 premenopausal women who had undergone a transcervical endomyometrial resection due to severe menorrhagia in 1990-95. Almost 40% had submucous fibromas that were resected(More)
The effect of mifepristone on the uterine cervix was studied in 55 nulliparae at 7 to 10 weeks gestation, wishing to undergo a vacuum aspiration. The patients were randomly assigned to three groups which received preoperative drug or placebo treatment starting 36 or 48 hours before surgery. Cervical biopsies from 12 of the subjects were used in a(More)
A 33 year old, para-2 woman had a 'submucous myoma' diagnosed in the uterine fundus during a diagnostic hysteroscopy because of dysfunctional bleeding. After pretreatment with a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist for 3 months, the myoma was resected through a resectoscope. Histological examination showed features of low-grade stromal sarcoma(More)
Acute polyhydramnios in monozygotic twin pregnancy causes severe maternal discomfort and carries a high risk of premature labor. During the years 1980 to 1987, 36 patients with this complication were delivered in Sweden, giving an incidence of 1/20,000 births, or 1/200 twin births. In 18 patients (group A) who were treated with one or more amniotic taps,(More)
In a current prospective sociomedical study of families in a Stockholm suburb, their home environments were investigated through interviews with the mothers on their first visit to a maternity health centre when pregnant, and through data obtained from various records. In a sample of 498 mothers, 109 women with psychosocial difficulties were compared with(More)
Mifepristone (RU 486) is a steroid that binds to the progesterone receptor and acts as a progesterone antagonist. It has been used clinically to terminate an early pregnancy. In the present investigation, the effects of mifepristone on the fine structure of the cervix were evaluated in two groups of women undergoing a first trimester abortion, using a(More)
The regulation of cervical ripening in pregnancy may involve arachidonic acid metabolites. We studied the formation of lipoxygenase products in cervical biopsies from twenty nulliparous women requesting a first trimester abortion. The patients were randomly allocated to receive either 100 mg of the progesterone antagonist mifepristone (RU 486) or placebo 48(More)