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Small GTPases in the Rho family act as major nodes with functions beyond cytoskeletal rearrangements shaping the Caenorhabditis elegans embryo during development. These small GTPases are key signal transducers that integrate diverse developmental signals to produce a coordinated response in the cell. In C. elegans, the best studied members of these highly(More)
Nowadays, in the Internet databases era, certain knowledge is being progressively lost. This knowledge, which we feel is essential and should be acquired through education, is the understanding of how the pioneer researchers faced major questions in their field and made their discoveries.
The roots of Peucedanum ru thenicum L. (family Umbell i ferae) have been investigated in comparat ively grea t detai l in respec t of their coumar in composit ion [1], including the synthesis of an amino der ivat ive of the peucedanin isolated [2] aad of the products of its photodimerizat ion [3], and the method of analys is , and the physiological action(More)
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