Angelina Prima Kurniati

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This paper explains audit of information systems as a preparation of the implementation e-health management system (EHMS) especially in health-centers information system (SIMPUS). SIMPUS is used for manage health data and information which are supported by the application of information technology (IT). The proposed method is implemented in one of health(More)
VINST is a system used to record all activities related to the incident and problem management in Volvo IT Belgium. In this VINST system, activities recorded in several attributes, such as serial number, change date and time, status, and any other attributes needed, which is stored in the event log. In these sequenced activities, there are some specific(More)
The process of student registration in IT Telkom needs to be evaluated to enable the continual improvements. For this purpose, the process mining was used to obtain a real overview of the actual process happening on student's registration process through IT Telkom registration information system. Fuzzy mining approach is proven to be more suitable to be(More)
Process mining, an emerging data analytics method, has been used effectively in various healthcare contexts including oncology, the study of cancer. Cancer is a complex disease with many complicated care requirements and there is an urgent need to improve the cost and clinical effectiveness of cancer care pathways. Process mining of the e-health records of(More)
Information systems are able to support the operational activities and provide useful information for users. In fact almost every large companies implementing information systems, but controlling the information system needs additional efforts, one of which is the audit of information systems. Audit is believed to be able to identify risks and evaluate the(More)
One process in e-learning is Online Assessment Test which is aimed to determine students' understanding of the materials. Online Assessment Test is usually using Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Students are not always answer MCQ sequentially, so that each student can have navigational pattern, which can be different from the predefined navigational model.(More)
The development of information and network technology makes network security become important. Intrusion is one of the issues in network security. To prevent intrusion happens, intrusion detection system (IDS) is built. One of IDS category is anomaly detection. This category detects intrusion event based on data profile. Clustering is one way to observe(More)
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