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When ventilating an unintubated patient with a standard adult self-inflating bag, high peak inspiratory flow rates may result in high peak airway pressures with subsequent stomach inflation. In a previous study we have tested a newly developed mouth-to-bag-resuscitator (max. volume, 1500 ml) that limits peak inspiratory flow, but the possible advantages(More)
The strategies to ensure safety during ventilation of an unprotected airway are limiting airway pressure and/or inspiratory flow. In this prospective, randomized study we assessed the effect of face mask ventilation with small tidal volumes in the modified mouth-to-bag resuscitator (maximal volume, 500 mL) versus a pediatric self-inflatable bag versus(More)
Die Anzahl der chirurgischen und diagnostischen Interventionen an Arbeitsplätzen außerhalb des Zentral-OP steigt überproportional. Aufgrund des hohen perioperativen Risikos der dort behandelten Patienten sollten Narkosen und Analgosedierungen– auch bei vermeintlich kleinen Eingriffen – nur von sehr erfahrenen Anästhesisten erbracht werden. Der Zugang zum(More)
Bag-valve-mask ventilation in an unprotected airway is often applied with a high flow rate or a short inflation time and, therefore, a high peak airway pressure, which may increase the risk of stomach inflation and subsequent pulmonary aspiration. Strategies to provide more patient safety may be a reduction in inspiratory flow and, therefore, peak airway(More)
The number of diagnostic and surgical procedures being performed outside the core operating area is growing disproportionately. Due to the higher perioperative risk for such patients, anesthesia should only be provided by a very experienced anesthesiologist, even for supposedly small interventions. At these locations, timely and direct access to the(More)
BACKGROUND An intravenous line is needed to administer anaesthesia, particularly when total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) is performed. A disadvantage of TIVA is that the intravenous concentration of anaesthetics cannot be easily measured compared with volatile anaesthetics. If a three-way stopcock is accidentally unscrewed, TIVA drugs cannot reach the(More)
AIM Ventilation of a non-intubated emergency patient by inexperienced rescuers with a standard bag-valve device may result in high inspiratory flow rates and subsequently high airway pressures with stomach inflation. Therefore, a self-inflating bag has been developed that requires lay rescuers to blow up a single-use balloon inside an adult bag-valve(More)
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