Angelika Somasekaram

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The C to U editing of apolipoprotein B (apoB) mRNA is mediated by a minimal complex composed of an RNA-binding cytidine deaminase (APOBEC1) and a complementing specificity factor (ACF). This editing generates a premature termination codon and a truncated open reading frame. We demonstrate that the APOBEC1-ACF holoenzyme mediates a multifunctional cycle. The(More)
ApoB RNA-editing enzyme (APOBEC-1) is a cytidine deaminase. Molecular modeling and mutagenesis show that APOBEC-1 is related in quaternary and tertiary structure to Escherichia coli cytidine deaminase (ECCDA). Both enzymes form a homodimer with composite active sites constructed with contributions from each monomer. Significant gaps are present in the(More)
The cytidine deaminases belong to the family of multisubunit enzymes that catalyze the hydrolytic deamination of their substrate to a corresponding uracil product. They play a major role in pyrimidine nucleoside and nucleotide salvage. The intracellular distribution of cytidine deaminase and related enzymes has previously been considered to be cytosolic.(More)
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